Price List


At Terence Andrew we use the Aveda organic products from start to finish. We believe that it is the only way to care for your hair and allow it’s natural beauty to shine.


  • Cut and blow dryfrom £41.00
  • Cut and blow dry (long/thick)from £49.00
  • Re-stylefrom £50.00
  • Wash and cutfrom £33.00
  • Wash and cut (long/thick)from £35.00
  • Blow dryfrom £24.00
  • Blow dry (long/thick)from £26.00
  • Extensions blow dryfrom £28.00

Extra charge of £2.00 for blow drys on Saturday


  • Cutfrom £27.00

Children under 10 years (Tuesday to Thursday only)

  • Cut and blow dryfrom £22.00
  • Wet cutfrom £19.00

Aveda Pure-™ Hair Treatments

  • Dry Remedy The deepest conditioning possible
  • Scalp Remedy Relieves itching, flaking and irritation
  • Damage Remedy Restructures chemically damaged hair
  • from £20.00

Organic Colouring using Aveda Full Spectrum

A 97% naturally derived permanent colour which is truly a breakthrough in hair colour technology. Full Spectrum drenches each strand in sunflower, caster and jojoba oils to maintain the condition of your hair and deliver exceptional shine.

  • Roots onlyfrom £44.00
  • Full head tintsfrom £61.00
  • Half head highlightsfrom £68.00
  • Whole head highlightsfrom £85.00

Aveda Deposit only

A unique colour, which gently changes the tone of your hair without lightening your natural depth. Resulting in less regrowth and an incredible shine.

  • Root to tip applicationfrom £50.00

Skin Tests

All new clients will be required to have a skin test 24 hours prior to their appointment

  • Permingfrom £63.00


  • (plaits, pleats, twists etc.)£49.00 per hour
  • Wedding Hair£62.00 per hour

Please Note

Where extra product is required for long hair an additional charge will be made. To allow our stylists to provide the highest quality of service, please ensure prompt arrival or where necessary, adequate cancellation time. Unfortunately if 24 hours notice is not given to enable us to rebook appointments a 50% cancellation fee will be incurred.